Activities and projects

actionsAFCOME pursues its missions and objectives by implementing a number of activities and projects:

  • The work of the commissions, which organise meetings, information meetings and training sessions and take part in various research and studies: Economic Commission, Regulatory and Technical Commission, Agronomic Commission and International Commission;
  • Collaboration with professional organisations, technical institutes and public bodies or administrations that are involved in the fertiliser industry, or in topics related to the activities of AFCOME members;
  • Membership of EFBA (European Fertilizer Blenders Association) allows AFCOME to be represented in European forums: European Commission working groups, CEN TC 260 (European Committee for the Standardisation of Fertilisers and Liming Materials), etc.;
  • International contacts with distribution (Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, USA, etc.);
  • AFCOME’S international meetings, a congress organised every two years. It gathers all fertiliser industry professionals (distributors, producers, importers, logistics and port operators, etc.).

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