AFCOME International Meeting – 2011


The 12th AFCOME International Meeting were held at the Toulouse Congress Centre on 12th, 13th and 14th October 2011.

This biennial meeting was, as usual, intended for distributors, producers, importers and service providers.

The following themes were addressed:

  • The economy: market supply/demand and its trend;
  • Agronomy: updating knowledge;
  • The worldwide organisation of fertiliser distribution.

The agenda was based on 4 sessions that developed the points below:

  • Analytical reflection on supply and demand on the world fertiliser market;
  • Updating knowledge of market equilibrium, especially for potash;
  • Agronomy, with the phosphate fertilisation of crops; the different forms of sulphur inputs; the optimisation of fertiliser inputs (N, P and K);
  • The characteristics of fertiliser distribution in the four main consumer hubs in the Mediterranean region.

 Consult the documents produced during the 2011 Meeting