AFCOME International Meeting – 2013


The 13th AFCOME International Meeting: Markets, distribution, agronomy and regulations were on the agenda on 25th and 26th October 2013 in Beaune, a French city famous for winegrowing.

Over 350 fertiliser professionals, suppliers, buyers and service providers attended the conferences and debates.

This biennial meeting saw an increase in the number of distributors, who are interested both in the addresses, which are based on the world fertiliser market, the organisation of distribution, agronomy and regulations, and in the exchanges, which are both informal and fruitful.

One of the main subjects developed: trends on the world fertiliser market, seen by American, Brazilian, Canadian and Russian speakers, who firstly highlighted the strategic importance of food needs and, secondly, energy issues, with the development of shale gas.

Patrick Heffer, from IFA (International Fertilizer Industry Association) reviewed the fundamentals of fertiliser markets, where the 5-year trend is relatively positive.

Asia and Latin America account for over 70% of the increase.

The growth potential is to be found in Asia, where India’s subsidy policy has a major impact on the world market, and where China is gradually moving from being an importing to an exporting country.

Overall demand is expected to increase by 1.5% a year over the next 5 years for nitrogen fertilisers, by 1.9% for phosphate fertilisers, and by 3% for potash.

In Europe, and in France in particular, the economic and environmental issues were highlighted via addresses on the Nitrates Directive, especially on the importance of fertiliser and nitrogen efficiency, but also on the new products that are being introduced and the need to comply with marketing regulations.

The next meetings will be held in 2015 at a venue which, as in Beaune, will allow you to mix business with pleasure.

Consult the documents produced during the 2013 meeting