• Definition of a European standard with EFBA for the granulometric characteristics of raw materials and fertiliser blends;
  • Study on the quality of products and the spreading of solid fertiliser blends (tests and analyses conducted by Olivier Miserque, Gembloux Agricultural Research Institute);
  • Publication of the good practice guide: Handbook of Solid Fertilizer Blending: Code of Good Practice for Quality in collaboration with EFBA (2nd French edition in 2005, 2nd English and German edition in 2007);
  • Publication of the Guide on the Principal Rules for Fertilizer Retailing (October 2013);
  • Design of software to analyse the physical and chemical characteristics of fertilisers and raw materials;
  • Membership of SOVEA (ADIVALOR) for the management and recycling of used packaging;
  • Participation in the definition of standards and regulations: BN Ferti in France and CEN TC 260 in the European Union (in the context of EFBA);
  • Organisation of the AFCOME international meetings every two years. Last meeting: October 2013.

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