Ongoing activities & projects

actions&projets-en-coursAFCOME is a dynamic association that implements a number of projects and activities for its members. The aim is to inform them, train them and defend their interests in the context of sustainable agriculture.

  • Definition of a model Purchase/Sales contract with a new arbitration procedure. The aim is to facilitate relationships with suppliers;
  • Weekly distribution of price curves for raw materials and fertilisers;
  • Implementation of regulatory monitoring and tools to ensure compliance with standards and regulations applicable to fertiliser distribution and blending (labelling, FDS, storage, transport…);
  • Re-introduction of the software to analyse the physical characteristics of fertiliser and raw materials with the creation of a reference database on product quality;
  • Study on the production costs of blending units and their economic and environmental benefits;
  • Various activities in partnership with other professional organisations: storage regulations, antidumping procedures, customs duties, etc.

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