Agronomic Commission


Optimising the range of fertilisation offers and advice for farmers in order to increase agronomic efficiency and environmental compliance.

Exchanges on the results of fertiliser trials of general interest:

  • Long-term P and K trials;
  • Other fertiliser materials (by-products, effluents, sludge, new fertiliser materials);
  • Agronomic additives (stimulators, micro-organisms, etc.).

Key issues for fertilisers:

  • Nitrates Directive and vulnerable zones;
  • Carbon footprint and taxes;
  • Product life cycles.

Product quality and applications:

  • Procedures to calibrate products for spreading over large widths (collaboration with IRSTEA, formerly CEMAGREF);
  • Establishment of a technical, economic and environmental argument for fertiliser blends (study conducted by the German University of Wageningen), in collaboration with the Monitoring Commission for Regulations and Techniques and the Economic Commission.

Consult the documents produced by the Agronomic Commission