Economic Commission


Obtaining, compiling and exchanging the information and tools required for a more effective management of the macro and micro-economic environment of the fertiliser sector.

Information and exchanges on the macroeconomic environment (France, Europe, world):

  • Producers and production sites;
  • Market and consumption trends;
  • Distribution systems in other countries.

Meetings with the leading market players:

  • Producers;
  • Importers;
  • Port operators, etc.

Definition and establishment of an AFCOME model purchase/sales contract with arbitration procedures (Paris Court of International Arbitration):

  • Depending on buyers’ expectations and motivations (central purchasing offices, futures markets, etc.) and suppliers’ requirements;
  • Details of key elements (timeframe, Incoterms, quality annexes per product);
  • Work with the “Syndicat de Paris” and the Chamber of International Arbitration of Paris;
  • Presentation to professional bodies in the fertiliser sector.

Information and reflection (with the other professional bodies) on various topics:

  • Logistics;
  • Taxes;
  • Antidumping;
  • Customs duties, etc.

Establishment of a technical, economic and environmental argument for fertiliser blends (study conducted by the German University of Wageningen), in collaboration with the Regulatory and Technical Commission and the Agronomic Commission.

Consult the documents produced by the Economic Commission