Monitoring Commission for Regulations and Techniques


Controlling technical and regulatory constraints for fertiliser production, logistics and marketing.

AFCOME members need to set an example in terms of the compliance of products and practices.

Regulatory activities:

  • Regulatory monitoring, together with other professional organisations (Coop de France, UNIFA, etc.);
  • Organisation of training sessions to ensure compliance with fertiliser marketing regulations;
    • Classification of fertilisers and blends according to their hazardousness, labelling and Data Safety Sheets;
    • Fertilisers named and labelled according to the NFU or RCE 2003/2003 standards;
  • Information on the traceability, sampling, control and analyses of fertilisers;
  • Information on regulations for facilities classified for environmental protection (ministerial working group);
  • Participation in the definition of standards and regulations (BN Ferti, CEN TC 260, European Commission WG).

Technical activities:

  • Intervention and advice to ensure the compliance of distribution and production processes. Project to implement joint procedures;
  • Advice and information sharing on packaging and blending material;
  • Research on product coating, additives and quality;
  • Study on “Blended Fertilisers in France”;
  • Establishment of a technical, economic and environmental argument for blended fertilisers (study conducted by the German University of Wageningen), in collaboration with the Agronomic Commission and the Economic Commission.

Consult the documents produced by the Regulatory and Technical Commission