Who are we ?


AFCOME is a professional association that brings together cooperatives and private companies working in the field of fertiliser distribution and blending (Bulk Blending).

Through its members, AFCOME today accounts for some 75% of the market for mineral fertilisers distributed in France, i.e. almost 6 million tonnes, including 600,000 tonnes of fertiliser blends.

Its missions and objectives are defined by its Board of Directors in line with its Articles of Association.


  • Represents fertiliser marketing professionals;
  • Defends the moral and material interests of its members at the political, economic, technical and agronomic levels;
  • Shares all information relating to the entire fertilisation sector.

It contributes to improving its members’ skills:

  • In distributing their products;
  • In defining directions for use for their customers.

In a spirit of responsible product management, it contributes to user safety.

It is committed to sustainable agriculture and promotes effective and environmentally friendly fertilisers.

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