Missions and objectives

missions et objectifs

AFCOME represents professionals in fertiliser marketing and defends the material and moral interests of its members.

In addition, its missions and objectives are to:

  • Promote fertilisers, particularly fertiliser blends to public authorities, semi-public bodies and professionals working in the fields of regulation, standardisation, the environment, agronomy and public health;
  • Acquire, develop and use information covering the various aspects of its members’ activities: general information on markets and their different players, on technologies, regulations, agronomy, the environment, etc.;
  • Conduct technical studies in order to improve and guarantee the quality of fertiliser blends, particularly by providing a Code of Good Practice: the Handbook of Solid Fertilizer Blending;
  • Organise training activities to increase its members’ expertise, particularly by publishing the Guide on the Principal Rules for Fertilizer Marketing.

AFCOME achieves its missions and objectives via a number of activities and projects:

AFCOME is represented in the leading French and European organisations, which allows it to increase its influence and better defend its members’ interests:

  • ANPEA: National Professional Association for Fertilisers and Liming Materials.
  • BN FERTI: Office for Fertiliser Standardisation.
  • SOVEA: Fertiliser Packaging and Liming Materials Development Company.
  • EFBA: European Fertilizer Blenders Association.

AFCOME also works with other professional organisations:

  • Coop de France
  • FNA: Federation of Agricultural Traders.
  • UNIFA: Union of Fertilizer Industries.
  • IFA: International Fertilizer Association.
  • FE: Fertilizer Europe.