Our Articles of Association


AFCOME amended its Articles of Association during the General Meeting on 28th June 2012 in order to strengthen its role as a professional association and its mission to bring together all distributors, whether or not they work in the fertiliser blending sector.

Members and permanent guests

AFCOME provides a forum for meetings, exchanges and the development of joint activities. It is open to all players operating in its range of activities.

Any company whose main or secondary activity is fertiliser distribution and/or blending can become a member of the association.

The Board of Directors may also, on a discretionary basis, grant the status of permanent guest to any third parties who have a legitimate reason in terms of the association’s objectives. This particularly concerns scientific consultants, organisations, or companies who provide their support in the fields of fertilisers and fertiliser distribution.


AFCOME’s General Meeting is composed of delegates duly appointed by all members. It is the sovereign body of the association. It guides its action, gives general guidelines to the Board of Directors, whose members it appoints and dismisses, and approves the annual reports. It has the exclusive right to take decisions that may have a direct impact on members’ activities. It reviews and approves the accounts and budget plan. Its decisions are taken by the absolute majority of members who are present or represented, without regard to the quorum. It meets at least once a year in the 6 months following the end of the financial year at the date set by the Board of Directors.

The association is administered by a Board of Directors elected among members by the Ordinary General Meeting. At least one director is from the private distribution sector. The chairman is a farmer. The board meets as often as is required in the interest of the association and at least once a year. In order for its deliberations to be valid, at least half of the members must be present. It is responsible for the management of the association. It sets the amount for membership fees every year. The Board’s decisions must be taken by a majority vote of the members who are present or represented, the Chairman having the casting vote in the event of a tied vote. The Board of Directors sets the dates and agendas for the General Meetings.

On 1st July 2012, AFCOME created a permanent structure comprising a director and a facilitator for regulations/safety/environment. The director assists the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the chairs of the different commissions. He is responsible for the administrative and financial management of the association. He represents the association in the different fora in which it participates (offices for standardisation in France and Europe, European working groups, etc.).

Download AFCOME’s complete Articles of Association.