Our ressources


AFCOME’s resources mainly come from membership fees.

Additional income is provided by the sale of brochures, small equipment (for control and analysis), and services to its members and non-member companies.

These resources allow AFCOME to:

  • Have the operating budget required for its permanent structure;
  • Support communication and lobbying activities to promote and defend the distributing and blending activities;
  • Provide the resources required for the work of the commissions and the organisation of information and training activities for its members and other fertiliser professionals;
  • Participate in joint studies and activities in the fertiliser field.

Finally, AFCOME’s International Meetings every two years provide the resources required for the association’s day-to-day operations.

AFCOME is an organisation with transparent governance. The budgets are approved and supervised by the Board of Directors.

The accounts are submitted to the control of an auditor every year.